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Funky Moose Radio - We Rock It All

About Funky Moose Radio

Funky Moose Radio is a passion project of Mark Poppen, owner of Funky Moose Audio Inc. The company’s main business is online record store Funky Moose Records. Part of the Funky Moose Family is The Sit Down Podcast, where Joel and Mark have conversations with Canadian indie musicians. A result of the podcast’s connections is our music festival called MooseFest. Funky Moose Radio is another branch on the Funky Moose family tree in support of Canadian, indie artists.

Our Mission

Promote Canadian Indie Artists

We play music from the guests on our podcast at least once an hour. These songs can be in any genre, whether it’s alternative, metal, country, pop, disco or electronic, we’ll play it. We want Canadian indie music to be “herd”!

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Requested songs will be added a few tracks down in the queue, so keep listening!

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We appreciate you listening and all your feedback. Please feel free to reach out to us via the form above if you have special requests or want your music played on the station.